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Minding Matters has grown from the need to assist a childminding couple in a very busy setting in Twickenham, Middlesex and was developed by a young computer science graduate who is a family member...


We offer early year practitioners a secure environment to make their jobs more efficient, and by doing so, giving them more time to focus on the children in their care and in return they provide the parents of the children insight to their child's daily activities and being able to demonstrate that they meet the requirements set out by Ofsted whilst working in partnership with the parents of the setting...


By using our tools that have been specifically designed for two way interaction between parent and practitioner, the gap is bridged in working in partnership and the information shared relevant to each individual child's needs...
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Every action is recorded with a date and name. E.g. If you upload a policy the parent must first accept the policy to mark that it has been read before they can use the system.

Parents can comment on all areas with many more features inside. It is down to the child care practitioner to link the child to the parent within the environment and only then will the parent be able to see and comment on their child's information.


  • Attendance
  • Bumps & Bruises
  • Daily Diary
  • Drug Administration
  • Incident Reports
  • Observations
  • Outing Slips
  • Medication
  • Milestones
  • Surgery
  • And Many More...
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Keeping the data we hold in a secure environment is a top priority for any online system. The key to effective security is to have a layered approach, combining a number of different tools and techniques. If one layer were to fail then others are in place to catch the threat.

With our server held within a data center here in the UK, the last thing they, you or we would want is a breach in security and therefor utilise the latest connectivity and security technologies to manage the Servers, Exchange email, applications and data. Only our staff at Minding Matters have root access to our server therefore the data being held on our server can only be accessed by us and is secured with strict firewall settings and additional security such as CloudFlare to block any suspicious and unwanted traffic to the server.


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